We strive to provide clean and comfortable living arrangements in a wilderness setting. All accommodations and facilities must meet with the strict definitions of wilderness use stipulated in our FS Special Uses permit. All structures must be primitive and non-permanent.

Amenities Eustance Pack & Tack

Summer: Camp site is a progressive roving camp, moving several times during your trip. The camp area is completely dismantled and rehabilitated before moving to the next site. Sleeping tents are nylon with a waterproof fly and bug net. Foam sleeping pads and pack chairs are provided.

Summer restroom facilities consisting of a seated commode and privacy walls. Summer bathing consists of a solar shower bag and privacy walls. Wading or bathing in rivers or steams is OK, but use of soap or detergent is prohibited by all water sources.

A rain fly covers the cooking area. Shelves made from pack boxes and bear proof food boxes complete the kitchen. Lightweight pack stoves are used and in some areas camp fires. Low impact techniques are stressed for Leave No Trace campsites.

All livestock and pack animals are high-lined or picketed with hobbles to graze.

Fall: Camp is located in the same site every year, but completely dismantled after the fall season. Sleeping tents are canvas with a waterproof fly. Cots and sleeping pads are provided. Each guest tent has it’s own lantern and wood stove. A heated shower tent with a bag shower is available. Restroom facilities consist of a seated commode with privacy screen. A large heated kitchen tent with tables, chairs, propane lighting, propane cook stove, and wood heating stove are in the center of designated camp site.

A corral and hitch rail made of native materials within FS guidelines are provided for the horses and pack-stock.

Water filters are provided for drinking water year round.