Fall Hunting Equipment List

Special Considerations:
Temperature may range between 85 degrees during the day to -0 degrees at night. Layering your clothing is the best way to deal with such a wide range of temperatures. Footgear should be well broken in, comfortable to wear, above the ankle and waterproof.

Sleeping Equipment:
Sleeping bag: rated to -0 degrees
Optional blanket liner for extra warmth
Sleeping pad and pillow

Foot Gear:
Comfortable hiking or hunting boots
Insulated winter boots if hunting general season
Tennis shoes or slip on shoes for around camp

Clothing List:
Waterproof duffel bag with side zipper is best, several pairs of heavy socks, several pairs of light socks, a few pairs of long johns, underwear, sweat suit or other sleeping gear, two changes of pants and shirts, a down, fleece, or wool vest for layering, coat, winter hat, light and heavy gloves, neckerchiefs, rain gear, orange vest, WE RECOMMEND WOOL CLOTHING, REMEMBER YOUR CLOTHING NEEDS TO BE QUIET!!

Hunting Equipment:
Rifle sighted at 200 yards, ammunition, quiet lumbar type fanny pack or daypack, hunting knife, binoculars, G.P.S. (optional), range finder (optional), 400sq inch blaze orange vest, HUNTING LICENSE!

Camera, extra film or batteries, towels, wash cloth, towel, extra prescription glasses and sunglasses, headlamp or flash light with batteries, tooth paste and tooth brush, shampoo and conditioner, fingernail clippers, water bottle, pocket knife, comb, brush, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, chap stick, prescription medications