MTFWP Regulations

It is the responsibility of every license holder to know and follow the hunting regulations for Montana.
Some common mistakes that may result in a violation being issued are easy to avoid if you remember the following tips:
– License must be carried on your person in the field at all times while hunting.
– Any person hunting must wear a minimum of 400sq inches of blaze orange visible above the waist at all times. Bow hunting requirements differ, check the regulations for your area.
– Validate your license and tag harvested animal IMMEDIATELY upon kill. This is first thing you do after making sure the animal is dead.
– Leave evidence of sex naturally attached to the animal when field dressing. If you cut the head off, you’ll need to leave sex organs on the meat.
– Legal hunting hours are from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sun set. Sunrise – sunset tables are listed in the back of the regulation booklet.
– Legal antlered deer must have an antler or antlers at least 4 inches long above top of the skull.
– Legal brow-tine bulls must have an antler or antlers visible on the lower half of either main beam that is greater or equal to 4 inches above the top of the skull.
– Bow hunters require a bow stamp in addition to their big game license. Proof of Bow Hunter Education is required.

– Proof of Hunters Education for any hunter is required if you were born after January 1, 1985.

– It is illegal to waste any part of a game animal that is suitable for food
– It is illegal to take or attempt to take any game animal using bait or salt.
– It is illegal to possess game cameras in the field during any hunting season.
– It is illegal to use two-way communication to pursue, shoot, wound, or kill game animals.
– It is illegal to party hunt in Montana. Each individual must harvest their own animal.

A copy of the complete regulations can be found at