Our Hunting Area

We operate out of two backcountry hunting camps in the Scapegoat Wilderness. Our “Main Camp” is our early rifle camp, located in Sheep Creek drainage, MTFWP area 280. Our “Short Camp” is our archery camp and general season camp, located in Fickler Meadow, MTFWP area 281.

The hunting areas are large and the terrain varies from grassy meadows to timbered mountains, shale ridges to old burn areas. We hunt elevations from 5500’ to over 9000’. Good physical condition is essential to successful wilderness hunting.

These areas are “Brow-Tine Bull Only”. This means a legal bull elk must have an antler or antlers visible on the lower half of either main beam, that is greater than or equal to 4 inches long. This stipulation tends to create a large population of five point or greater bulls. We also have dates that either (antler-less) cows or bulls can be taken with a general elk tag depending on which area you’re hunting.

Legal Buck deer must have an antler or antlers at least 4 inches above the skull, either species. We have only a small population of white-tail, our main species of concentration is Mule Deer. Area 281 requires a special permit to hunt mule deer, applied for by June 1. Area 280 does not require any additional permit and has produced record animals along the continental divide. Does can be taken on some dates in some areas.

These areas are not private land and are open to all public users. Main Camp is 7.5 miles from the trail head and Short Camp is about half that. Being located beyond the average foot hunters range, we see little, if any hunting competition. Because we respect and support citizen’s use of public lands, the tradition of fair chase hunting, and outdoor recreation for everybody, we encourage all of our clients to remember the unwritten law of the wilderness: When you meet on the trail, share a smile, a handshake, or a cup of coffee – the trail ahead can get pretty lonely. We’re all just visiting!