Spring Classes

Eat Better, Learn Better, Live Better

Do you want to live more self sufficiently? Gain the satisfaction and confidence of doing for yourself. Gain respect for the homesteaders of the past. Enjoy fresher food, a more active lifestyle, and the contentment of learning to live simply. We have limited space in classes every spring. Class topics are based on interest and include most traditional homesteading skills. Tuition for the classes varies, but a portion of the profit after the cost of materials and instructors will be donated to local CSA projects and the Community Food Bank. Most classes unless otherwise stated are on location in Vaughn, Montana. Call for details.

Some of the more popular class topics include:

Small Farm Livestock and Animal husbandry – Learn about beef and dairy cows, meat and dairy goats, chickens, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and horses. Interdependence of species and a working plan for rotation on small acreage are stressed.

Small Scale Non Chemical Vegetable Production- Work with your land and the natural environment to get the best possible food for your table without harmful chemicals. Your family doesn’t have to be dependent on tasteless mass – market vegetables. It’s a simple and responsible way to feed yourself.

Work Horses on the Homestead – Learn about the care and skills needed for using draft horses and mules on your homestead. Horses and mules supply more to the farmstead then they consume. Forestry and crop production with horses is the answer to the small farmer’s overhead expenses of costly equipment and fuel.

Traditional Homemaking Skills – Everything from wood stove cookery to making clothing with a treadle sewing machine is explored in this class. The every day basic skills of our ancestors can be a gateway to understanding our place in modern society. Healthy food preparation and preservation, produce from your farm and livestock, soap making, herb lore, candle making, basket weaving, spinning wool, and other hand crafts can help you learn the basics of living simply. This is not a gender specific class.

Traditional Farmstead Skills- The class focuses on tools and skills needed in a traditional homestead environment. Hand tool selection and care covering every thing from cross cut saws to garden forks is stressed. Study the designs of functioning homesteads with considerations for water, energy, and livestock containment. Saddlery and harness making, small scale agriculture, livestock overview are also covered. This is not a gender specific class.

All classes are open to enrollment from any age and gender. Although some historic evidence exists that confines certain occupations to specific genders, the quest for knowledge should not limited by a biased perception of what is appropriate. It is our belief that all homesteads (past and present) require such a vast skill set that the individual most qualified should be chosen for the task regardless of gender or age.