Special Restrictions

Wilderness Occupancy and Use Orders

The Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem consists of National Forest System lands included within the boundaries of the Flathead, Lewis and Clark, Lolo, and Helena National Forests and is hereby made part of this order.


1. Human, pet, and livestock food (except for baled or cubed hay without additives), and garbage shall be attended or stored in a bear resistant manner. Certified containers or electric fences are used.

2. Wildlife carcasses that are within 1/2-mile of any camp or sleeping area shall be stored in a bear resistant manner during the nighttime hours.

3. Burnable attractants (such as food leftovers or bacon grease) shall not be buried, discarded, or burned in an open campfire. Burning inside enclosed stove is acceptable.

4. The responsible party shall report the death and location of livestock to a Forest Service official within 24 hours of discovery.

Attractants may be “attended” rather than stored in a bear resistant manner. However it is strongly recommended that attractants and all items with odors be stored in bear-resistant containers or suspended 10 feet high and four feet away from the supporting structure and stored at least 300 feet from any sleeping area.

The possession or storage of hay, grain, straw, cubes, pelleted feed or mulch that is not certified as being noxious weed seed free by an authorized State Department of Agriculture official or designated county official is prohibited. Each individual bale or container must be marked or tagged as weed free and reference the written certification.