Roving Horseback expeditions

Leave the crowds behind and see the pristine Montana landscape the way it was meant to be discovered!

A summer Adventure like no other

Lander's Fork

Six Day Trip into the Lander's Fork of the Blackfoot
June 25 - 30

North Fork of the Blackfoot 

Seven Day Trip into the North Fork of the Blackfoot River
August 12-18 

The Chinese Wall

Eight Day Trip to the Chinese Wall
July 11 - 18

Summer Horseback Trips in the Scapegoat and Bob Marshall Wilderness areas of the Montana Back Country!

about our summer trips

Spend your days enjoying the breath taking mountains, flower covered prairies, and sparkling rivers. Learn about the history of wilderness and become part of a team of explorers. Experience the pleasures of simple living while participating in an authentic roving camp life. 

 Horseback vacations are an unforgettable journey. Bring your sleeping bag, clothing, and personal gear – we supply the rest. 

When planning your trip there are some things to consider. Trip itineraries are preset by the USDA Forest Service special permit administrator. They must coordinate all outfitted use to manage impact and wilderness values. The dates and locations have to be submitted and approved more than a year in advance. Available trips for each year are listed.

Consider the age and physical ability of everyone in your party. Being outside and physically active the entirety of each day, can be very demanding. The sun shines, the wind blows, and storms can happen. Dressing appropriately for the weather is very important for your safety and comfort. We can help you with a suggested clothing and gear list based on our years of experience.

Any medical conditions, allergies, or special diets should be disclosed to your guides prior to your trip to insure we have adequate resources available.

Summer trip rate is $500 per day per person. Specific information for each trip, like trailhead directions, daily camp destinations, and interpretive guides will be in your booked trip packet. Please read thoroughly and ask if you have any questions. 


We love to take pictures and show them to the world.